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Our House NFT

Our movement did not start with a bang, but a beat.

Get a hold of one of the 1.980 unique keys to Our House and claim your spot in the world's first electronic music museum in the city center of Amsterdam. Join the exclusive Our House family and own a piece of house history, forever.


August 1st, 10AM EST
Current Price is at 0.15 ETH
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About Our House

Our House is the world’s first electronic music museum experience, located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Over the past decades, electronic dance music grew from an underground scene to a global phenomenon. There was just one thing missing: a place to experience electronic dance music culture and its history yourself.

Our House bridges that gap. Far from a regular museum outing, Our House brings a futuristic and innovative experience. Visitors take a multi-sensory tour through the evolution of house music; from Detroit to Amsterdam, London to Berlin and from Las Vegas to Ibiza; the trip of this groundbreaking musical genre from the early ‘80s until now.
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The high tech museum is a tribute to (inter)national electronic music culture. Visitors can see six exhibitions and 15 installations, with contributions from Carl Cox, The Frankie Knuckles Foundation, Charlotte de Witte, Armin van Buuren, Kevin Saunderson and many more, as well as flyers, photo galleries, interactive turntables, drum machines, documentaries and our groundbreaking 4D audio-visual experience 'The Culture Ride'.

Owning an Our House NFT gives you free family access to the museum, so come and explore the evolution of dance music at the world's first electronic music culture experience. Open from Wednesday through Sunday at the Rembrandt District in Amsterdam.

Our House NFT Collection

Technological advancement has always been one of the key drivers in the evolution of electronic music. Our House is a high-tech experience paying homage not only to international electronic music culture, but also to the technology that propels it.

The Our House NFT Collection is a tribute to music, culture, art and technology, but also serves as a key to our collective future.
Own a piece of house history. Forever.

By getting a hold of one of the 1.980 unique keys to Our House, you can claim your spot in the world’s first electronic music museum experience. By itself, each NFT key provides lifetime access to the Our House experience. Together, the keys combine to form a living mosaic artwork that is on permanent display in the museum.

Collectively, the 1.980 keys are the ultimate representation of the Our House community. Every single key features its own unique computer generated art, and private access will allow key holders to upload custom content to the living artwork, directly exhibiting their favourite personal pieces of electronic music history.

Our Community

Every holder of a first generation Our House NFT is considered to be an exclusive member of the Our House family, and will be invited to private events, parties and openings. Our House family members receive priority access to all current and future endeavours of Our House, including the Our House Academy.

Every first owner of each of the 1.980 NFT keys receives a unique custom designed luxury physical artefact to accompany their NFT, as a token of gratitude for their early support, and a permanent reminder of their connection to Our House.

Our Technology

The Our House NFT Collection will be minted and traded on the Ethereum blockchain. New to NFTs and blockchain technology? No worries, that's fine. Please check out the 'how it works' page for a simple guide to get you started.

Every key features unique artwork that is randomly generated upon minting. With seven layers and a total of over 120 hand-made trait designs, there are more than 100 million possible combinations. No two keys are the same. Part of the collection are 150 platinum keys – and a few with completely custom one-off art by renowned artists. Sounds good? You might just get lucky and pull one during mint.

Minting & Distribution

The drop of the Our House NFT Collection is scheduled for Q2 '22. The majority of the keys will be sold through a public mint, with a small whitelist pre-sale for the closest friends and family. Please keep a close eye on the Instagram and Discord channels for more information and updates.

Questions? Our team is happy to answer them for you.
Our Future
Q2 2022
  • ✓ Development of unique 1/1 key artwork with renowned artists
  • ✓ Start registration of wallets for whitelist mint
  • ✓ Exclusive genesis mints at Our House launch party
Q3 2022
  • ⦾ Start of whitelist and public minting
    ⦾ Free Our House experience access for NFT holders
    ⦾ Unveiling of interactive artwork at Our House Amsterdam location
  • ⦾ Production of luxury physical tokens for minters
    ⦾ Content dashboard access for interactive artwork
Q4 2022
  • ⦾ Exclusive holders-only network event and party
  • ⦾ Auctioning off the first snapshot of the interactive artwork
  • ⦾ Distribution of the auction proceeds among holders
    ⦾ Integration with the Our House mobile application
Q1 2023
  • ⦾ Gen2 NFT airdrop for Our House NFT owners
  • ⦾ Start of collective NFT vault for key holders
  • ⦾ Digital auction second edition mosaic-art
  • ⦾ Invitation for meet-up event at secret location
Q2 2023
  • ⦾ Gen2 public sales to build a bigger Our House family
  • ⦾ Holders only guest list and vip access for selected Club AIR nights
  • ⦾ Possibility to use Gen1 artwork to earn commission from merch sales

Founders & Creators

Our House

The world's first electronic music museum. Celebrating the international history and evolution of electronic music culture through an innovative museum experience.


A boutique 'Business Intelligence' agency for organisations that aim to work smarter and apply their data strategically.

A Bigger Circle

The ideal social business partner. Connecting people and brands on social media through data driven storytelling.


This Dutch crypto asset management firm registered with De Nederlandsche Bank provides an extremely safe environment to manage and protect your digital assets.


What is the Our House NFT Collection?

The Our House NFT Collection consists of 1.980 unique digital keys minted on the blockchain as ERC-721 tokens. Each represents a piece of electronic music history, and embodies a stake in the physical Our House culture experience located in the former legendary Club iT in Amsterdam, NL.

Wait, not so fast... what even is an NFT?

If you're completely new to NFTs and crypto, it might be good to start at the 'How it works' page. There you'll find a complete guide on how to set up a wallet, buy some crypto and use it to mint an NFT.

So... why would I want to own an Our House JPEG?

Glad you asked. It's so much more than a JPEG. It's a key to Our House. Sure, your unique token is represented by a JPEG on the blockchain, and sure, we put a lot of work into giving you the best artwork we could possibly create to go with it – but there are much more benefits to owning an NFT from the Our House genesis collection besides just having a pretty picture to look at:

‣ Physical Real Estate
Owning an Our House NFT gives you an actual piece of museum real estate. You are part of a living artwork that's on permanent display in the Our House culture experience in Amsterdam, and you control the contents of this artwork. The NFT allows you to log in to the artwork dashboard and update its contents, sharing your personal highlights and memories of electronic music culture with the world.

‣ Key to the Museum
Owning an Our House NFT means owning a key to the museum. Whenever you want to visit the Our House culture experience in Amsterdam, or any of the experiences at future locations, just show your NFT at the door. You'll get free entrance, a warm welcome, and we'll treat you as the beloved member of the Our House family that you are.

‣ Networking & Priority
Owning an Our House NFT gives you access to an exclusive community. Not just this digital one, but a physical one as well. All NFT holders will receive invites and access to private events, parties and openings at Our House and partner locations around the world. You'll be able to participate in the Our House Academy programmes, and get priority access to all future digital and non-digital endeavours of the Our House team.

‣ Revenue Sharing
Owning an Our House NFT means owning a share in the profits that the collection raises. We plan to take snapshots of the living artwork periodically, and auction them off as a 1/1 NFT. You, as a community, will be able to decide what happens with the profits from this auction, and we aim for them to be distributed to both benefit the further development of electronic music culture, and reward all the owners that contributed to its creation.

‣ Community Perks
Owning an Our House NFT will grant you access to all sorts of additional to-be-determined community perks. We plan to reward holders generously with free airdrops, early access to future Our House projects and whitelist opportunities for partner projects. Refer to our roadmap to get a glimpse of what's in store.

‣ Luxury Physical Artefact
Being the first owner (minting) of any NFT in the genesis collection will get you a unique luxury physical artefact, claimable during your visit to the Our House experience in Amsterdam. The artefact will feature your unique NFT artwork and serves as a token of our gratitude for your belief in the Our House team and your support of electronic music culture as a whole.

Who is this project for?

Just like all of electronic music culture, we aim to be inclusive and welcoming. This project is not focused solely on the early adopter crypto and NFT crowd, but hopes to help first-timers get on board just as well. We understand that this space is new and sometimes confusing, and we will do our best to help everyone feel safe and at home. If you have any questions whatsoever, please don't hesitate to contact our team by dropping your question in our Discord channel.

Why are there only 1.980 pieces?

We think of these tokens as keys to the Our House future, and regard the holders of these keys to be part of our family. Because we want to make sure we can care for our family in a real and meaningful way, we limited the amount to a manageable number. We might expand to bigger numbers for future drops, but for now we like the number 1980.

How can I get an Our House NFT?

There are two ways to get your hands on one:

1. As soon as they are released, you can buy them from our website until supply runs out. This is known as minting, and it will make you the very first owner.

2. After minting sells out, you will only be able to purchase them from other holders through secondary marketplaces like OpenSea or LooksRare. Be very aware of people trying to sell to you directly through DMs or shady platforms, they are usually scammers out for your money.

To mint any NFT, you need a crypto wallet with some crypto money in it. We explain this in detail on our 'How it works' page.

When does the sale start?

The project will launch during the official grand opening of Our House on June 29th, 2022. Public sale will start a while after, but the exact mint date is yet to be determined, but it will be somewhere in August 2022.

What is the price of the Our House NFT?

The mint price during the public sale will be 0.15 ETH + gas fees.

Can I pick my own artwork?

The cool thing about our keys is that their artwork is automatically and randomly generated upon purchase. A script selects a unique arrangement of traits from over a hundred different layer designs, and there's a total of more than 133 million possible combinations. No two keys are the same.

Additionally, we have added a few completely custom designed keys to the mix, created by well-known artists from the electronic music scene. We call these custom pieces '1/1s' (one-of-ones) and they're even more special than the other keys. Fingers crossed, you might just get lucky and pull one of those!

So no, you can not choose your own artwork during mint. However, you can always purchase keys that you like from secondary markets after the mint.

Can I get one before public sale starts?

We might offer some chances for active and helpful community members to get on a limited whitelist. This means you will get the chance to mint your Our House NFT before public minting starts.

Will I be able to sell my NFT later on?

Yes, once a piece is in your wallet you are the owner and you can do with it whatever you want. All the Our House NFTs are minted on the Ethereum blockchain as ERC-721 tokens, which means you can sell or trade them freely on any platform that supports the trading of such tokens.

Be sure to stay safe and always keep a clear head. Once you sell your NFT or send it to someone, there is no way to revert that action and get it back.

Are all 1.980 pieces available for public sale?

We will reserve a limited amount for our founders, staff and other indispensable community members, and a small amount will be reserved for whitelist minting. However, the majority of pieces will be available for public minting. We will update the exact numbers closer to the release.

Where can I learn more about Our House?

If you want to know more about the Our House electronic music culture experience, check out the Our House website.

Where can I learn more about the team?

If you want to know more about the team behind the Our House NFT Collection – keep an eye out, we'll be introducing ourselves on all our channels soon.


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